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Knog Blinder Cross 4-led Bicycle Head Light - W/white Light

Knog Blinder Cross 4-led Bicycle Head Light - W/white Light Best Offer

Knog Blinder Cross 4-led Bicycle Head Light - W/white Light Purchase the Knog Blinder Cross 4-led Bicycle Head Light - W/white Light. This highly desirable product is currently in stock. For this price, the Knog Blinder Cross 4-led Bicycle Head Light - W/white Light is widely respected and is a popular choice amongst most people. With so many available right now, it is good to have a make you can recognise. This is certainly that and will be a excellent acquisition. The supplier have included some great touches and this means great value. You can believe this review, i hope you can try to buy this product if you want know this product.

+ Shockingly bright
+ Charges through USB
+ Long battery life
+ 100% Waterproof
+ Sturdy construction
+ Many different flash patterns
+ Tool less installation makes it easy to take them off your bike and throw in your bag
+ Very stylish


- Takes too long to fully charge
- Expensive
- In-built USB connector isn't sturdy

Let's just get this out of the way first; the Knog Blinder lights are incredibly bright, but they are "to be seen" lights, they aren't going to light up much of the road in front of you because they do not put out a focused beam of light. That being said, I will say it one more time; these lights are incredibly bright. The front light (white) and back light (red) throw out a whopping 80 lumens and 44 lumens, respectively. The white LED can be seen from 1/2 mile away, while the red LED obviously has a bit shorter of a range. The front light is so bright that it will light up street signs clear as day at night. Both the White and Red version have 5 different flash modes (patterns), and the patterns are slightly different between both versions. There are different styles (red housing color, striped, etc.) but each has 4 big LED's. And again, nobody is going to not see you at night with a set of these on your bike, because words cannot describe how bright these really are.

There is a very small button on the top of the light to turn it off and on -- you must hold the button down for a few seconds for that to happen. Simply tapping the button cycles between the flash patterns, and one of the patterns simply keeps the light on with no flashing, for anyone wondering. Next to the button is a red light that will only come on when the battery is low or is charging. It turns green when it is finished charging. Pretty handy. The button is a tad small and hard to find at night, which can be annoying.

I've really come to enjoy the installation of these lights onto my bike. It's just flat out easy and quick -- no tools required. The light has a silicon strip that you stretch over your handlebar or saddle and clip it to a plastic hook (the end of the silicon strap has a very strong stainless steel clip.) The rest of the light is super-solid feeling though, with its polycarbonate and anodised aluminium housing -- the lights feel absolutely bulletproof. And did I mention they are 100% waterproof? Pretty cool, though I have not tested this myself as I don't ride in the rain. These lights are just really good looking in general, I just can't say that enough.

It's good that these lights are easy to take on and off of your bike, because if you're like me you'll be doing that fairly regularly. Why? Because at $45 each you're probably not going to want to leave these on your bike every time you go into a store. They're expensive lights and it isn't hard to tell by looking at them. I'm not going to count that as a con, because it isn't Knog's fault that thieves may snatch these lights because they are so built so well and look as good as they do.

The battery life of these lights are really something to behold, the 50 hours of "eco-flash" and 3 hours of constant beam seem pretty accurate. It's not made apparent by Knog which flash pattern is the eco-flash, but it is the pattern where 2 of the 4 LED's flash intermittently -- the 2 left LED's then the 2 right LED's, back and forth. Every other regular flash pattern is not "eco", and you'll get somewhere around 30 hours of battery with those. Still plenty good. The lights charge through USB, with no cable needed. There is a USB connector that flips up from the back of the light housing so that you may plug it into your PC or laptop, etc. I take issue with the in-built connector as it is much thinner then a regular USB connector, so it does not sturdily stay into USB plugs -- it will often just stop charging because of this until you plug it in again correctly. The thin USB plug also makes it so it doesn't fit into certain USB plugs at all. I would have rather just have had a port I could plug a USB cord into, but I realize that would make them not as waterproof. Also, it takes quite a bit of time to charge these lights -- I left mine plugged in for a few hours and they still hadn't finished charging. Honestly, these are small complaints because the battery life is so good you won't do a lot charging anyway. But I still felt the need to point them out.

In closing, while these lights are really expensive, the quality is there and they do perform and feel like expensive lights. The amount of light these put out is really, really impressive. They have issues, but they are small ones that wouldn't stop me from buying these lights again if I had to do it over. And certainly not enough for me to take any stars away from the final score. Five stars -- if you are willing to spend a little extra, you can't really go wrong with Knog's Blinders.
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